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Austin Texas solar panel installer and more.   

(our solar power calculator is coming back soon, but we would like to offer some basic info.       please check out this government funded solar calculator.

                                                                                                                                                        many installers we see are not talking about this site. and provide inflated data 

                                                                                                                                                        to make it look like a better deal... solar is a good deal if you get the right installer

                                                                                                                                                        We hope you come back and work with the top Texas installer


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Solar power, works the best on the south roof of most homes.


                                    Panels are usually around 16-19 sq ft each or 40" x 65" for main stream and proven panels we typically like to install.

We like to install in portrait as this allows a cleaner install, with typical framing on most homes. using quality supports proven.


Most homes in Texas, we get 3000 to 10,000 Watts DC up on your roof, (solar panels like to look into the south or west a little for best production, but east looking roofs work with 0 shade also, many homes have a good location for a little solar at least.

 a deduct off your electrical bill typical $40 to $120 per month typical of course if your blessed with more roof or yard we can even build a small Power Plant!



In some cases the total out of pocket cost can be a little as $7,800 after rebates (the tax credit you get for 2016 tax year or role it tell 2017-2018 )  


Why not install some solar on your home, does the gov ever pass out coupons or rebates on the energy you use to power your car or FREE FUEL?   We see cars going Electric also in the future more! WOW you could have a Power Pump on your roof and use the sun to run it all.


Did you know the cost of solar panels is at a record low, panels can be purchased for $190 each and those same panels cost $350 a few years ago basically. we think rebates will not hold up, as in CA and in other states rebates dropped down or went out or low as solar is becoming affordable,  The Austin area still has these UNREAL solar rebates and incentives as many hope to see solar ROCK the nation.  if you borrow a little to purchase a solar PV power system now, you can divert the money your paying on your electrical bill and own your solar power system basically after 5 to 10 years in many cases,  WHY HAVE A NEVER ENDING BILL?  WHY TOSS YOUR MONEY OUT THE WINDOW, OWN A SHARE OF YOUR OWN POWER BASICALLY IN YOUR OWN POWER PLANT.   Many new systems also have some emergency power also. with no battery.


Austin Energy and Oncor  is FUNDED FOR  2017, we think many people are under the impression solar panels are still very expensive or they need a battery system and need serviced or replaced all the time (we don’t need batteries as the grid is the battery basically with the proven technology of today, 1 box or an inverter near your existing electrical panel takes the power from the panels on the roof and sends it to your home or to the grid (by raising the pressure or voltage) and you get to use that power later in the night or get a credit to use later that month OR year in some cases , with the good utilities promoting solar power, its a great deal. 


 if you want more Emergency power or to be off grid, the battery part is something we know also.


Every home in Texas should do solar PV, even without the rebates, solar PV is very affordable, be sure to call a real PRO, like 512-779-0909